Tibo, Duke Street

A sunny Sunday afternoon took me slightly further afield for a bite of lunch today.  Yes I managed to make it all the way to the eastend of the city to try, a now established, and welcome dimension to the Glasgow restaurant community.

Tibo has been on Duke street for a couple of years now, but still looks very new.  A corner position helps to support the great atmosphere, which is created from the unique decor inside.

As it was 1pm on a Sunday, the choice of food took some consideration, between some classic breakfast / brunch options or more creative lunch options.  In the end we all settled for lunch with me having the Sausage and potato salad with olives and a poached egg.  Nick and Andrew both chose the Tibo Burger, served with a dressed salad and hand-cut chips.

Both choices were excellent.  The salad was a brilliant combination of summer leaves, sun-blushed tomatoes and onions, dressed with an excellent vinaigrette, combined with some beautiful part-roasted potatoes and toulouse (I think) sausages.  The boys tell me the burgers were also great.  Very meaty home-made patties were served on a great bun with, once again, a good dressed salad.  It’s always good to find places that go to the small trouble of properly dressing some salad rather than simply chucking some salad and half a tomato on a plate.

Overall, Tibo is definitely worth a visit and brings an interesting (almost) new dimension to the city, being found in the eastend.  Overall score: 8/10


One Response

  1. Tibo is great. Well deserved praise from Stuart.

    I think the summer leaves did it for me.

    I love summer.

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