Berit’s & Brown, Wilson Street, Glasgow

Now firmly established in the Merchant city, B&B’s has become the standard to which all other deli/bistro’s should aspire.  On this sunny/cloudy sunday afternoon, it was difficult to get a table for all three of us, a testament to the popularity it has developed with its loyal followers. 

Having managed to squeeze in, we were met by one of the attentive, welcoming staff.  B&B’s always impress me with their natural staff who genuinely seem to want to help (a rare breed indeed!).  Sundays are an extra special time at B&B’s as you can choose from varied lunch menu or from the extended breakfast menu.  At first this was only available until 11 a.m., but as is vital in any successful business, they listened to their customers, and have now let you choose your bacon and eggs until 2p.m.

We all picked sandwiches on this particular day.  My own, the “Reuben” was excellent.  A New York style sandwich on rye bread with pastrami, pickles and saurkraut.  This one is not likely to be to everyone’s taste, but the quality is excellent.  All sandwiches are served with their superb homemade coleslaw and brilliantly dressed salad. Dad had chosen the ‘Club’ which was all you would expect of a good Club sandwich.  The fillings are generous and as fresh as they possibly can be.  Mum’s ‘Peppery Horse’ was equally good.  It’s refreshing to find some creative fillings on a menu and the types of bread offered make it complete.

 As ever Berit’s and Brown was a pleasure to visit, definitely worth a trip if you’ve never been before!

9 / 10

Highlights: Great decor, fantastic food


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  1. I like to see people giving praise where it’s due. Scots don’t seem to do enough of that!

    Having visited this establishment myself, I have to say I agree with most of your comments.

    Try the Eggs Benedict – it’s simply divine!

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